THIS AIN’T YO’ GRAND-MAMA’S NEGRO!!! He’s lightning in a bottle! He’s the…








From the mind of the creative force known as Papa Joe Aviance comes a BRAND NEW KIND of Superhero! He’s BRASH. He’s BOLD and he’s UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK!!!


Papa Joe is an LA based, two-time Amazon Best-Selling author, motivational speaker and is soon to be a Television Producer. Papa Joe’s journey began after his song “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” was number six on Billboard’s Dance Chart. The music video for the song was being played round the clock on MTV and VH-1 and that’s when he realized he was dissatisfied with his four hundred and fifty pound body.


Papa Joe started walking daily and in eighteen months he lost two hundred and fifty pounds! His transformation was so extreme that he was asked to be on several talk shows such as Rachael Ray, The Doctors, The Hallmark Channel, and even became a spokesman for the American Heart Association. With his newfound fame, Papa Joe used his platform to start several successful business ventures and best-selling self-help books. He is also a believer in the power of positivity, diversity and inclusion - while relentlessly questioning EVERYTHING - and this is the source of his inspiration for the ELECTRIC NEGRO franchise. Today Papa Joe has announced his latest project, an animated black super-hero series entitled Electric Negro. 

Electric Negro is starting as an animated TV series and will be followed by a live-action series, as well as a line of fan merchandise. Starring a bevy of talented celebrities - AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys), Denzel Whitaker (Black Panther), Donnell Turner (General Hospital), Anthony “CiTRiC” Campos (Lopez), Carlito Olivero (X-Factor), Dave Fenley (The Voice) and many more who are lending their voices to the project. The series’ will offer hilarious writing designed to provoke laughter and conversation. Stay tuned for coming announcements, as they will be undeniably ELECTRIC!!