From zero to zero, Andre’s journey is that of a young man seeking the acceptance of his peers with the added bonus of being a superhero. When he got his powers he thought his fame would skyrocket, and, in any other neighborhood being a hero would get you the key to the city or some white people nonsense, but in our hood, it just gets you labeled a snitch. These ain’t some woke-ass-n*****, these kids all think they’re Scarface, and Andre’s been dropped right into the middle of it with his Hollister branded ass. He wants to fit in, considering this was his old neighborhood, but the suburbs are in his DNA now and try as he might the white don’t wash off this kid.

Elon Musk is evil, right? Well, in this world he definitely is, and he wants to move past cars and smart phones and start augmenting humans with their devices. Which would be great to access the internet with your mind, but it also allows the internet to access your mind. Enter: Mr. Palm. Loved by the community for being a tech mogul celebrity, behind closed doors Palm is a corporate, narcissistic, manipulative piece of shit...

"Mr. palm"

"mR. davis"

They say, “black don’t crack”, and if it did, Donnell would have shattered a long time ago. Somewhere between The Boondocks’ Grandad and Boyz ‘N the Hood’s Furious Styles, Donnell has brought his boys back to the hood he came from to become a
Councilman and try to bring his community into a brighter future.

Donnell finds solace in his work, providing much for his son, but he isn’t as present as he’d like to be. When he is, his boys are acting up which makes Donnell reach for his belt, cuz if someone in this 
family has a superpower for swinging a belt, it’s Donnell.

Wendy is your run of the mill rich homecoming queen from the nice side of town, except she can’t bear to be without her Andre, so she might be stalking him... Also, unbeknownst to Andre, Wendy has powers and “fights crime”, quite recklessly, like to the point people question if she’s a hero at all, and she’s soon squaring off with Electric Negro.......



What if J Jonah Jameson was given a gun and told to go out and get Spider-man? What if Trump did go out on Fifth Avenue with that gun to round up those Central Park Five boys? That’s our boy Lt. Low (he says pronounced like “now” but most everyone says it like “Lowe” which infuriates him). He’s the cop they should’ve given a psych eval, not a gun.....


The quiet one. He’s harboring a number of secrets, like when he finds out about Cassandra’s drug ring, he decides to join up......

Angel is the strong loudmouthed right-hand, and longtime friend, to Palm. Now that Palm is successful, Angel struggles between being a good henchman to Palm and an even better father to Wendy, but his time and mental bandwidth are occupied by the work.



The leader of a gang of hapless bullies and Andre’s childhood best friend, Marcus loves to get rough, but is an enterprising young man looking to make a quick buck, which usually means from the pockets of the weaker kids. The only thing he loves more than violence is money, so when he’s approached by Palm about entering tests for cash, he enters the experiment despite not knowing what it entails. This leads him and his crew to gaining superpowers but losing their free will.