Casting is Everything...

Good Guy

"Electric Negro / Andre Davis"

From zero to zero, Andre’s struggle is fame; he doesn’t have it. After getting powers on a trip to Africa, Andre wants to learn how to use his powers from his superhero idol: Brown Panther. Too bad he’s a complete asshole. This drives Andre to be better, maybe not a better superhero, but a more famous one just to stick it to him.

Loved by the community for being a tech mogul celebrity, behind closed doors Palm is a petty ass, narcissistic, manipulative piece of shit billionaire. He doesn’t have real problems or anything going on in his life so he frequently stops by the PalmTech store just to flex his playboy lifestyle in front of his workers to feel like a big shot. That feeling gets taken away when a new superhero: Electric Negro, starts taking all his good press in the local news. For Palm, this means war!

Bad Guy

"Mr. Palm"

Good Guy

"Donnell (Donald) Green"

Andre's biological father and typical black Republican. He often annoys Andre with his non-PC ranting and general uncle tom-mery, but genuinely wants to help Andre be a better person.

Wendy spends more time on her phone than with customers, but she’s the manager’s daughter so we don’t expect much. She’s an influencer and social media whiz (like any rich person with a cell phone nowadays).

Bad Girl


Bad Guy

"Officer Tim Low"

Our boy Low (he says officer, but no one else does which infuriates him) is a piece of work. Unable to pass a psych evaluation to be a cop, Low is now the law around the mall, and he hates everyone and everything in that place.

Sam is the tech wizard behind EN’s gear. He’s like Q from James Bond, but Mexican. He’ll make anything you want for $15. He initially doesn’t know why Andre's asking him for weird shit like a grappling hook made out of the newest tablet, but hey, it gives him something to do on the job.

Good Guy or Bad Guy


Bad Guy


Angel is the strong loudmouthed right-hand, and longtime friend, to Palm. Now that Palm is successful, Angel struggles between being a good henchman to Palm and an even better father to Wendy, but his time and mental bandwidth are occupied by the work.

This dude's perfect. But dumb. Marquise is the handsome Dan that works alongside Andre. He’s often mistaken by folks as being The Electric Negro, to which he bashfully declines, which only makes them think he is...

Good Guy

"Marquise Brown"

Additional Cast